She PRETENDED To Be POOR But Had A *SECRET* Glitch Build In Adopt Me! (Roblox) 

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7 jun. 2021




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Emily McCormack
Emily McCormack 3 uur geleden
I love all the builds Sanna and Moody have done
Emmapurple Emmapurple
Emmapurple Emmapurple 3 uur geleden
You take time and I love it your the best youtuber can I get shoutout pleased
iam mia
iam mia 6 uur geleden
oh !do you guys see her adopt me money? she is so rich.she have 1,377,956.ow my goodness
Lal Bilgili
Lal Bilgili 10 uur geleden
me: Moody how do you do that 😲 Moody: Idk 😶
Lina Kancauskaite
Lina Kancauskaite 12 uur geleden
Trish Graves
Trish Graves Dag geleden
Sanna i love your name and my cusin is named sanna (btw love you sanna byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) BTW FOLLOW ME ON INSTIGRAM
Lara Bahaa
Lara Bahaa Dag geleden
I love the mini moody, but anyway I love your videos sooooooooo much
Karol Plewa
Karol Plewa Dag geleden
I mean 362
Karol Plewa
Karol Plewa Dag geleden
SANNAAAAA this is the 10 day I'm asking you to friend mwe 🥺also I'm subscribed❤️❤️❤️
kitty water roblox
kitty water roblox Dag geleden
Go Switzerland Go
kitty water roblox
kitty water roblox Dag geleden
Sanna are you from Norway
Amelia Rodgers
Amelia Rodgers Dag geleden
I love your house it is facy
Pansy Priyadarshi
Pansy Priyadarshi Dag geleden
Moody's house was so cool I kinda want that one but I don't have that much money
Roniel Derla
Roniel Derla Dag geleden
I'm your biggest fan but I can't afford your merch
Roniel Derla
Roniel Derla Dag geleden
I love your chanell sana
Petar Giurchita
Petar Giurchita Dag geleden
Petar Giurchita
Petar Giurchita Dag geleden
megha talukdar
megha talukdar Dag geleden
I say that if u say hr fav utuber name 3 times U got pinned sooo...... IAMSANNA IAMSANNA IAMSANNA Did I get pinned? Who knows =)
Tila Faulkner
Tila Faulkner Dag geleden
Sanna your house is cool 😃
Itsfunneh Fan
Itsfunneh Fan Dag geleden
can you guys play with me rigth now and check my house if its okay usursane Xxthekook
Nate Diaz
Nate Diaz Dag geleden
Wow how fast can you talk 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Judi Mohamed
Judi Mohamed Dag geleden
Moody win
Rudraksh phukan
Rudraksh phukan Dag geleden
can we talk how beautiful sana is
Nazmi Natzeri
Nazmi Natzeri Dag geleden
Kyra Balbinr
Kyra Balbinr Dag geleden
I was playing Brookhaven and there was a hater that hates you but I have your jumps and I love you 😘
Christopher Tagarda
She for got the Door in her room😂
iconic ash
iconic ash Dag geleden
In 2020, I used to watched you everyday. ‘till my friend told me “ew lol u watch adopt me vids” so I stopped watching. If I hadn't listen to them and continue watching you until now, my life would've been perfect. Thank you Sanna. :)
Fun Toys For You
Fun Toys For You Dag geleden
Lovely ☺️
Maha Abuelnadi
Maha Abuelnadi 2 dagen geleden
When u r decorating the bath room u were talking 👄 quik
Maha Abuelnadi
Maha Abuelnadi 2 dagen geleden
Sanna I love u I want to call u susu
Corgi Twins
Corgi Twins 2 dagen geleden
Us: Money doesn’t grow on trees!! Adopt Me: you sure??
foxy 1234
foxy 1234 2 dagen geleden
I really want the Moody toy
XxSkylar WolfiexX
XxSkylar WolfiexX 2 dagen geleden
Everyone:Watching Me:Looking at the bucks *how did sanna have Alot of bucks*
Cookie Squad
Cookie Squad 2 dagen geleden
How can we do a glitch build actually? I mean,how can I glitch out?
Roblox Robloxproamira
Roblox Robloxproamira 2 dagen geleden
Hi Sanna meet you Roblox you help me 😊
BELA DHUNGANA 2 dagen geleden
Noo santa forgot a sink
Unicorn Dork
Unicorn Dork 2 dagen geleden
I know the gitch i have it in the tiny home
Liz Candel
Liz Candel 2 dagen geleden
Me noticing sanna has 1m dollars :me:lalala UH WAAAAA
Gumball squad Fire
Gumball squad Fire 2 dagen geleden
Can we just take a moment to look at Sanna’s money 💰?
officialjessicabloxy 2 dagen geleden
Everyone :enjoying video Me: omg her money more than 1,000,000 =1m
Carrie Lee
Carrie Lee 2 dagen geleden
Moody Really good billde
Rodia Kypraiou
Rodia Kypraiou 2 dagen geleden
I am Sreshta
I am Sreshta 2 dagen geleden
I like Moody’s gold digger house a dit better if it had more pink it would be better
I am Sreshta
I am Sreshta 2 dagen geleden
Omg Moody’s gold digger house is way better
I am Sreshta
I am Sreshta 2 dagen geleden
User awesomesreshta
I am Sreshta
I am Sreshta 2 dagen geleden
I wish I could be in one of your vids
I am Sreshta
I am Sreshta 2 dagen geleden
For a gold digger
I am Sreshta
I am Sreshta 2 dagen geleden
Too small sannna!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am Sreshta
I am Sreshta 2 dagen geleden
I should know I made a good gold digger glitch and house build
I am Sreshta
I am Sreshta 2 dagen geleden
Um that does not look very gold diggery
Playing games with Sofia
Playing games with Sofia 2 dagen geleden
sanna why Is it pink it’s little funny
Inayah kashif Kashif
Inayah kashif Kashif 2 dagen geleden
Me lokking at the wall whit No Doors 👀 8:38
Elenalovesdogs! 2 dagen geleden
you should have made a gold mushroom farm, moody would have LOVED it!
Jeo Marcus
Jeo Marcus 2 dagen geleden
Xxxstrawberry cow
Xxxstrawberry cow 2 dagen geleden
Me: OMG I'll get to watch sanna's video early. NLblock: let's post this 2 min later. Lol your the best NLblockr :)))
Mark Parent
Mark Parent 2 dagen geleden
Norma Houston
Norma Houston 3 dagen geleden
I pertended that I was poor then I build a (100in.) long house
stewart chestney
stewart chestney 3 dagen geleden
Good job Sanna 😊
Abrar Gashgari
Abrar Gashgari 3 dagen geleden
Nogster26 ajpw
Nogster26 ajpw 3 dagen geleden
zackz gamez
zackz gamez 3 dagen geleden
1:06 me to
SOPHIA ADKINS 3 dagen geleden
sanna do you have a telocope pogo i want to trade it but nothing is wroth it user Dogman_fan120311
Marti Young
Marti Young 3 dagen geleden
Never trust people that say there poor
Dragana Neshovska
Dragana Neshovska 3 dagen geleden
Didnt she just said baby?? WOW!!!
Islammiyyat Lawal
Islammiyyat Lawal 3 dagen geleden
Douglas Garay
Douglas Garay 3 dagen geleden
i think moody is good
ᴅɪɴx 3 dagen geleden
Eric Lie
Eric Lie 3 dagen geleden
I love your acc
Eric Lie
Eric Lie 3 dagen geleden
Its that acount cause me sarah and my friend annabelle likes horse and unicorns
Eric Lie
Eric Lie 3 dagen geleden
I sanna im acttuly a girl a kid my dad gave me this phone and i love your video so i make a house in roblox adopt me its unicornhorsetwin13
Mary Groom
Mary Groom 3 dagen geleden
Joking please don't get mad at me pretty please ascribe it the notification Bell and like hi who doesn't love for you
Mary Groom
Mary Groom 3 dagen geleden
I know you work for Leah Ashley I'm not stupid one of someone told me now you can't get away
jess and jack
jess and jack 3 dagen geleden
Sanna: we are going to be building a GOLDEN castle Me: :O
Aliya Süleyman
Aliya Süleyman 3 dagen geleden
wow hi wow Lol
Lɪᴢᴢʏ Vɪᴢᴢʏ
Lɪᴢᴢʏ Vɪᴢᴢʏ 3 dagen geleden
Gacha cookies cake :3
Gacha cookies cake :3 3 dagen geleden
Is it me or the house looks like cheese
tomdreed 3 dagen geleden
If Sunny back start putting her in your Vids
Shawn Matejovich
Shawn Matejovich 3 dagen geleden
Everyone: watching the video Me: looking at Sanna because she is so beautiful 🥺🥰
Jhen Quitaleg
Jhen Quitaleg 2 uur geleden
I love her eyes too
Victoria Clements
Victoria Clements 6 uur geleden
That’s me
Adopt Me! || Royal High || Roblox
did you watch her say OOH😅
Edie Chaplin-Wright
I agree
Avani Fan
Avani Fan Dag geleden
I love her eyes
Abhipsha Bhuyan 6 A roll no 2
10:18 The clothes kind of looks like 1M 🤔
Mia Walker
Mia Walker 3 dagen geleden
Is there a pink digger if so it’s sanna
Azalea Hani
Azalea Hani 3 dagen geleden
ROCKET2240 3 dagen geleden
I think Moody won the build challenge no offense Sanna
Margot Coudray
Margot Coudray 3 dagen geleden
Moddy didnt put pizza in her house :OOOOOOOOO
Layan Mouini
Layan Mouini 3 dagen geleden
Lol the window lol omg
Fidaan Saifullah
Fidaan Saifullah 3 dagen geleden
I’m your biggest faNNNNNN
Ronaldo Khoshall
Ronaldo Khoshall 3 dagen geleden
Ronaldo Khoshall
Ronaldo Khoshall 3 dagen geleden
Lynn Haddad
Lynn Haddad 3 dagen geleden
Ok but I hate how moody only has one eyebrow
VioletPlayz 3 dagen geleden
me WACHING sannas money:wha-
Kawaii Gamer
Kawaii Gamer 3 dagen geleden
I remember these videos but in Bloxburg version💀
FILIPA FILIPA 3 dagen geleden
Mandalay VN
Mandalay VN 3 dagen geleden
Sorry sanna i like moddys build better but iam ur big fan iam not picking favs!
Nika Ocon
Nika Ocon 3 dagen geleden
Sanna I think you should do truth or dare next video with your fans??
Upasana B V
Upasana B V 3 dagen geleden
The only thing moody says when she sees people's amazing house Ooooo 🤣🤣
shleiche horse Besties
shleiche horse Besties 3 dagen geleden
Sanna what if the gold digger doesn't like pink she only likes gold stuff
Ashlee Adventure Ashlee game time
I like moody’s and a bit of sanna’s
elise cherel
elise cherel 3 dagen geleden
Moody won
Lillie pokemon fan
Lillie pokemon fan 3 dagen geleden
♡︎ 3 dagen geleden
her bucks is dangerous 😳
Lesley Ann
Lesley Ann 3 dagen geleden
Your not a gold digger 👁️👄👁️❤️🥰
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