*NEW SECRET* Places In Brookhaven That Will SHOCK YOU! (Roblox) 

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28 mei. 2021




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Morningstar Hurd
Morningstar Hurd 24 minuten geleden
Sannna can I ask u something I love your videos an pls do an hide and seek in Brookhaven
Evelia Agustin
Evelia Agustin 45 minuten geleden
Sanna why is moody not showing her face
Malyna McEwen
Malyna McEwen 50 minuten geleden
I already found the secret police one
Sheree Kirk
Sheree Kirk 52 minuten geleden
Alexis Firenze
Alexis Firenze 2 uur geleden
There is also another one, in the green house by the safe, where the clothes are, climb up there ans there is a secert room to hide from your friends!
AquA Cool Girl
AquA Cool Girl 3 uur geleden
WHY UNICORNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alice Webber
Alice Webber 4 uur geleden
I have the iamsanna plusey
Romeo Sandoval
Romeo Sandoval 4 uur geleden
I know some of that
Rona Joy Nelson
Rona Joy Nelson 4 uur geleden
Rona Joy Nelson
Rona Joy Nelson 4 uur geleden
Ali Gamal el din
Ali Gamal el din 5 uur geleden
Wdym any I know evey place
Gunner Mainhart
Gunner Mainhart 6 uur geleden
Gunner Mainhart
Gunner Mainhart 6 uur geleden
Hi Kelly's GF
Miley Aileen
Miley Aileen 7 uur geleden
Hi Sanna I’ve been seeing your videos since I was 6 and now I’m 9 I really love you so much and I also watch Moody’s NLblock videos to!
Tien Lee Chin
Tien Lee Chin 7 uur geleden
I know 19
Pam Sines
Pam Sines 8 uur geleden
Austy Hicks
Austy Hicks 9 uur geleden
I haven’t watch you in two years what happend to adopt me
Carolyn Cowan
Carolyn Cowan 9 uur geleden
it will take you so log
monica shields
monica shields 10 uur geleden
LOVE the merch
Jojo You can still talk even though you go alhajri
I played hide and seek in Brookhaven with one of my cousins before😀
Doritha Crawford
Doritha Crawford 11 uur geleden
I did not know that was there my favorite one is the police one
Joy Quijano
Joy Quijano 11 uur geleden
I found the police secret to avatar editor to pretend to have robux💅👄💋💓
Can you give me Robux 100k pls
Me and my brother puthy Roth and me serey
I know the police already
Apple Largo
Apple Largo 12 uur geleden
CALEB GAMMEL 12 uur geleden
Sry but I found all of these
loureed68 13 uur geleden
Hi Sanna!my name is Maddison this is my dad old acc I L ke you
Syrelle Mallari
Syrelle Mallari 14 uur geleden
I already watch that person
Kate ToysReview
Kate ToysReview 15 uur geleden
I found a secret place thats in a trash can that gives u to a secret portal
Micaツ 16 uur geleden
She keeps saying creepy XD
GR4Y W0LF 16 uur geleden
I love those hiding places
Blake Hewitt
Blake Hewitt 16 uur geleden
I new all off them
Carine Bastelica
Carine Bastelica 17 uur geleden
I knew about the stair
Julia Teus
Julia Teus 17 uur geleden
I have did that one the 2 xd lol🤣🤣
Among Perez
Among Perez 17 uur geleden
Could you guys make a hole and seek🥴🥴
Cheyenne Chaffin
Cheyenne Chaffin 17 uur geleden
I got hacked a few days ago I had 234,5788567858668,5745747747574 million robux and somebody spent it all and now I'm left with only 13
Mavis Ouyang
Mavis Ouyang 17 uur geleden
I’ve found all the secrets already.Even in houses my self bruhhhhhhhhhh
Amanda Blakely
Amanda Blakely 17 uur geleden
On the hotel you could have just teleported
trinity beyond
trinity beyond 18 uur geleden
yes play hide and seek plss
Linda Helen Visnes
Linda Helen Visnes 18 uur geleden
Can you make a mics moody and sanna merc
ImAphmautoo Bg
ImAphmautoo Bg 19 uur geleden
Oh yes I know in police Have A Secret in up police helicopter
Breeana Bass
Breeana Bass 20 uur geleden
Go to the cleaners in Brookhaven go to the do not enter go in there go in the room with all the boxes click on the light
Plushie Squad
Plushie Squad 21 uur geleden
Hide seek extreme plsss
Chloe Softball
Chloe Softball 21 uur geleden
Hey I found a Secrets brought in Brookhaven if you go in the hospital in the x-ray room and go behind the x-ray photo and walk through the wall and go through the wood there’s a secret office
ramilvie Nuevo
ramilvie Nuevo 21 uur geleden
Hi I'm Danna
Janet Rostad
Janet Rostad 23 uur geleden
I know the stair 1
Guz Daniel Salvatierra
Lizzie can you please give me 100 robux
Guz Daniel Salvatierra
Fjdjvdjfjsjfjdjjs so fjfjsj Dianne
lukas salassanchez
lukas salassanchez Dag geleden
I just realized sanna has really good and nice teeth
Brandi Lea
Brandi Lea Dag geleden
I have seen the first one before
Zubair Muhammad
Zubair Muhammad Dag geleden
Yes pls
Elsa Zoe Gibbs
Elsa Zoe Gibbs Dag geleden
There is one under the cleaners if you click the light bolb and theres one in the new shop if you go in the shop then go to the back behind the curtain and then click the broom then a secret spy room!
Elsa Zoe Gibbs
Elsa Zoe Gibbs Dag geleden
I know two really secret places in brookhaven
MR,MUFFIN Dag geleden
Ace ace u make face reavel
DoggoPlayz! Dag geleden
Just jump when ur in motel!
arianna Al Aisya
arianna Al Aisya Dag geleden
Have anyone notice mini moody on sanna waist 👁️👄👁️
Fran Sacco
Fran Sacco Dag geleden
U found them on tt but that’s ok
isabella does stuff
I love that she has different color eyes
yousif khan afridi
yousif khan afridi Dag geleden
i will sent you requast
foxy fox
foxy fox Dag geleden
One is in the x ray be hide the thing show your x-ray it a it's about it under the table you hit that and then I'll take you to a room and then you have to go to a different room can do that you want to come on all the under the table and you will see about it
Akosua Dag geleden
Zaki Zaman
Zaki Zaman Dag geleden
Nice vid
Nelly STARS Dag geleden
Sanna I want run fast
ninja yeoj
ninja yeoj Dag geleden
Are you guys sisters
Hacker Dag geleden
your a lier
Liesbeth Van Pelt
Liesbeth Van Pelt Dag geleden
Rey Villanueva
Rey Villanueva Dag geleden
Play hide and and seek extreme
Liesbeth Van Pelt
Liesbeth Van Pelt Dag geleden
LENA WATTERS Dag geleden
Yah do hide and seek
Meme guy who eat nut
And the stair
Meme guy who eat nut
Nah I nkow that motel hack
Leia Lomas
Leia Lomas Dag geleden
Rhianna's Roblox Vids
Me being angry of sanna being shocked cuz i already know all of it but seeing sanna being shocked can make me say GUYS I WILL TELL YOU SECRETS YOU WILL NOW" me : bruh no need bruh *unsubscribe
Kelly Lemire
Kelly Lemire Dag geleden
My friend knows the game creator =)
Khanza _gaming
Khanza _gaming Dag geleden
Hi sanna
Jasmin Medina
Jasmin Medina Dag geleden
John mark gil Saliot
Wait you there another secret base you did know! Here 1. You need house and look like a mountain house go in and go behind of tv you see the button like orange now touch it you se in ground when you want to escape now touch green button for escape 2. There r mountain a bigger now go in top you see like black a hellocapter
Director Delana
Director Delana Dag geleden
Director Delana
Director Delana Dag geleden
Lucy Dag geleden
About the part 16 i lady knew AND It still got other spots to hide
Bridget Wiffin
Bridget Wiffin Dag geleden
I know a secret spot if you go onto the hospital and you go behind The skeleton you could find the secret spotOh and the skeleton is in the x-ray room
Ranjana Kapoor
Ranjana Kapoor Dag geleden
Ranjana Kapoor
Ranjana Kapoor Dag geleden
so se
Dylanx sanjaya gaming
I see his tik tok too
Projectsixteen Dag geleden
Go to auto place to the back press broom
laila al-nasser
laila al-nasser Dag geleden
Dont sub to iam sanna irl she gave me a lot of scars 😕😕
karim awsome games
karim awsome games Dag geleden
Down wall is next to the farm go in the blue and grey building and then press on the mop the door is gonna be opened get down in the ladder and then boom your there
karim awsome games
karim awsome games Dag geleden
The under floor is in the back of the bank 3rd door go into do not enter and then go to the boxes press on the lights your gonna be in
karim awsome games
karim awsome games Dag geleden
Ther is a secret basement inside the wall go down boom it’s there one is under the floor
maria Karmelah bien lumbab
Violet Ma
Violet Ma Dag geleden
I didnt shock me
Nigella Satifa Aurora
Cuddles teddy
Jamie Howey
Jamie Howey Dag geleden
When I was robbing homes today in Brookhaven I was robbing the haunted house and found that secret spot near the safe
Jamie Howey
Jamie Howey Dag geleden
Haven't watched sanna in 2 years
Yvonne Mercelita Villarta
niña janell T. manansala Manansala
Yeah we want you to play hide and sick
Cheryl Madeleine Lee
Sanna is the best youtuber in the universe/world !! Im ur biggest fan Sanna 😊
Dess Areza
Dess Areza Dag geleden
And my name is lariray6
Dess Areza
Dess Areza Dag geleden
Iamsanna im your fan pls add me in roblox plssss
chester chiong
chester chiong Dag geleden
I kidnapped a kid and i put her in the secret base🤣
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