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8 jun. 2021




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Emily Massey
Emily Massey 4 uur geleden
Me wow that's alot of acssesrees
Shelly Hillier
Shelly Hillier 5 uur geleden
San na I'm a huge fan
Hannah Pritchard
Hannah Pritchard 6 uur geleden
Actually, narwhals are part of the dolphin family... I think.
jasmeet singh
jasmeet singh 10 uur geleden
a named my octopus POTATO
chai py
chai py 10 uur geleden
hahah so good job
Doina Bradu
Doina Bradu 12 uur geleden
I have 126 seaweed
Ken And Eve
Ken And Eve 13 uur geleden
pepper melisande
pepper melisande 14 uur geleden
8:27 crow with an octopus head lol 😂😂😂
elia gonzalez
elia gonzalez 22 uur geleden
you have a lot of thing in adopt me wow
Mia T
Mia T 23 uur geleden
-I already have 202 seaweed lol
ᴵ' ‍‍‍ᵐ‍‍‍‍‍‍ ‍‍‍‍ˢ ‍‍ᵘ ‍‍‍‍ᵇ ‍‍‍ˢ ‍‍‍ᶜ‍‍‍‍‍‍‍ ‍‍ʳ ‍‍ᶦ ‍‍ᵇ ‍‍‍ᶦ ‍‍ⁿ ‍‍‍ᵍ‍ ᵗ‍‍‍‍‍ ‍‍‍‍ᵒ‍‍‍‍‍ ᵉ ‍‍‍ᵛ ‍‍ᵉ ‍‍ʳ‍‍‍‍ ‍ʸ ‍‍ᵒ ‍‍ⁿ ‍‍ᵉ‍‍‍‍‍‍‍ ʷ ‍‍ʰ‍ ‍‍ᵒ ˢ ‍‍ᵘ ‍‍ᵇ ‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍ˢ ‍‍‍‍ᶜ ‍‍‍ʳ ‍‍ᶦ ‍‍ᵇ ‍‍‍ᵉ‍‍ ᵃ ‍‍ⁿ ‍‍‍ᵈ‍‍‍‍‍‍ ˡ‍‍ ᶦ ‍‍‍ᵏ ‍‍ᵉ‍‍‍‍‍ ‍‍ˢ ᵗ ‍‍ʰ ‍‍‍‍‍‍ᶦ ‍‍‍ˢ ᶜ‍‍‍‍ ᵒ ‍‍ᵐ ‍‍‍ᵐ‍‍‍‍ ‍‍‍ᵉ ‍‍ⁿ ‍‍‍‍ᵗ‍‍
+Lulie+ Dag geleden
I saw the stand too, it's not that hard to see but the seaweed and the stroller is going to usefull in the future when everyone wants it when it's gone. If you know what I mean!
NYOPAO Dag geleden
There new sky castle
a small
a small Dag geleden
The musical this is so pretty I almost cry😹😹😹 Stay safe and don't litter
Tanisha karra
Tanisha karra Dag geleden
I think sanna has everyone's dp
Kie Lie
Kie Lie Dag geleden
Where part please sanna
Saif Al Nahian
Saif Al Nahian Dag geleden
hi sanna i am naw and i like pink and red to
Emily Lanois
Emily Lanois Dag geleden
If you get two sharks can I please have one my account is Emilylanois or a octopus in octopus is my dream pet
Emily Lanois
Emily Lanois Dag geleden
Matt Bosma
Matt Bosma Dag geleden
I love the seahorse too sanna
Angela Gacha
Angela Gacha Dag geleden
How many robux do u have gurl? Why can u buy lots of things ?
Kitty_ gaming
Kitty_ gaming 2 dagen geleden
You guys are so cute together
Nazeenplayz 2 dagen geleden
Is it just be or am i the only one who got good luck in the ocean pets
Cindy Yang
Cindy Yang 2 dagen geleden
'' imagine having 100 seaweed! '' Me who already has more then 99: I am four parrel universes ahead of you.
Percabethfrl 2 dagen geleden
Sanna: I think it’s adorable moody: yea I think it’s pretty cool
Ranvir Waraich
Ranvir Waraich 2 dagen geleden
ALEXIS ARMSTRONG 2 dagen geleden
When she hatches one it looks like she only has one Like another one sponsor packet it’s like she has an unlimited amount of eggs
Tiffany Torres
Tiffany Torres 2 dagen geleden
I have 99+ seaweeds and and 56 more seaweeds so I think I have about 200 seaweeds-
🦄Shay Plays Roblox🦄
Awesome video🦄🦄🦄🦄
Sidrah Syed
Sidrah Syed 2 dagen geleden
I got 31 Seaweeds Lol 😂 Ily Sanna And Moodyy ❤️✨
FLICKZ 2 dagen geleden
I already know that there's a new update
Nazli Sen
Nazli Sen 2 dagen geleden
omgg you have sooo mucht money
WILD WRECKER 2 dagen geleden
Just see her money
Miranda Pham
Miranda Pham 2 dagen geleden
Vibe is so cool😎
Paul Mckenna
Paul Mckenna 2 dagen geleden
You are so likely because you have so many pets and I have 1
Emma Danza
Emma Danza 2 dagen geleden
Or seashell
Jeanevic Cosep
Jeanevic Cosep 2 dagen geleden
Hi sanna its me agin littleNugget_ss from roblox i want to meet you sanna in adopt me because i did not meet you in adopt and its my dream to meet you and add friend me plssss sanna🤗
Jeanevic Cosep
Jeanevic Cosep 2 dagen geleden
oh sanna tell moody that i want to add friend me and meet moody in adopt me tell sanna plsss🤗
Amely M.
Amely M. 2 dagen geleden
I don't have legendary pet
Jea Belmonte
Jea Belmonte 2 dagen geleden
I called my Seahorse Mr.Lucky and i love her
Yara Hakme
Yara Hakme 2 dagen geleden
Please please
Heidi gause
Heidi gause 2 dagen geleden
All ocean pets are cute and the adroble is dolphins and I have 99+ and 20 sea weed and I have the music shell and clam stroller and a badges and I have a dolphins too in adopt me
I love the stickers its look gorgeous
Leahscerri Roblox
Leahscerri Roblox 2 dagen geleden
Me seeing San as 4M robux and her 1M bucks like..
Janina Seppälä
Janina Seppälä 2 dagen geleden
Faizan Ali
Faizan Ali 2 dagen geleden
I want to meet u sanna ols i really want to :< plwase :> love u bye
Dennise Facto
Dennise Facto 2 dagen geleden
Sanna oll If ur a filipino u mite understand like if u understand hehe it could meme but no thank u Any ways byee Lol
Annemarie Agosta
Annemarie Agosta 2 dagen geleden
When sanna named her octopus 🐙 vibe I feel like that’s also a good name for a frost dragon 🐉
Jennil Criste
Jennil Criste 2 dagen geleden
I love the new update!
You can put shoes on star fish
Aaliyah Reine Gonzalbo
Aaliyah Reine Gonzalbo 2 dagen geleden
Hi sanna I am your biggest fan my dream pet is a gold unicorn my username is iyahreine1028
SYIRIN LUSHION 2 dagen geleden
Sanna is freking rich
Hanna playz
Hanna playz 2 dagen geleden
I love you the way you are sanna
Aeronautik 2 dagen geleden
Hi sanna can i build your house? im good at buildings
Aeronautik 2 dagen geleden
My username is AiraNufah
rosie barredo
rosie barredo 2 dagen geleden
So no one ganna talk about her 1,995,471 money
sophieUwUnieccute Herry
sophieUwUnieccute Herry 2 dagen geleden
l love iamSanna :D
CMR 2 dagen geleden
Sanna I got your unicorn horn. I love you 😘
Gracie 2 dagen geleden
me taking 99+ seaweed, leaves comes back sees only 3 seaweed. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo(can i have 4 octo plss my dp is neon octo if u have)~graciegirlpro
Kishu Gaming
Kishu Gaming 2 dagen geleden
Sana can you tell how you got almost 2m money !!!!
Rodia Kypraiou
Rodia Kypraiou 2 dagen geleden
How many rkbux you have?
santosh kumar
santosh kumar 2 dagen geleden
I mean fun
santosh kumar
santosh kumar 2 dagen geleden
I already got everything in the update it is very fin
Pursottam Lal
Pursottam Lal 2 dagen geleden
I personally like the narwhal more than the shark but I've been really wanting an octopus
Addey de Roubaix
Addey de Roubaix 2 dagen geleden
this update is world ocean day. World ocean day keeps dolphins and whales safe
Emily Kong
Emily Kong 2 dagen geleden
hi i am saking how to edit charekter in club roblox
Aries Solitarios
Aries Solitarios 2 dagen geleden
Brookhaven update new vichels!
Ivy Lynn Ng
Ivy Lynn Ng 2 dagen geleden
The necklace part was so funny
°•♡itz lemon♡•°
Sanna should have merch of her and moody holding hands
Teo Lo Shun Bethlyn
Teo Lo Shun Bethlyn 2 dagen geleden
I have 300 seaweed beat that!
JarethPlayz 2 dagen geleden
Sanna:I have 1M bucks Me:q(;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)me with 20kbucks I feel broke
Mohammad Aslam
Mohammad Aslam 2 dagen geleden
Sanna you be rich as HECK
I Love arts
I Love arts 2 dagen geleden
I um, thought the killer whale in the thumbnail was a new robux pet ;-; dang I’m so unhappy and happi at teh same time WAAA
Charlotte rose Cook
Charlotte rose Cook 2 dagen geleden
Hiiiiiiiiiiiii can someone tell .e he to get in a sever at the write time when they do rating fans houses I've made a build for them but I can't find there usernames and do they have groups
ELAINE BATION 2 dagen geleden
Sannas money is 1M 😱😱😱
Xx Shady_Light xX
Xx Shady_Light xX 2 dagen geleden
ill say goodbye too my roblox account
Cai Eusebio
Cai Eusebio 2 dagen geleden
Cai Eusebio
Cai Eusebio 2 dagen geleden
Shahhad Louise Balauitan
Shahhad Louise Balauitan 2 dagen geleden
me be like: looking at the money🤐😵🙃
Chidinma Chukwuma
Chidinma Chukwuma 2 dagen geleden
moodys one looks sooooo classy
Chidinma Chukwuma
Chidinma Chukwuma 2 dagen geleden
i love vibe it looks soooooo coolllll
Chidinma Chukwuma
Chidinma Chukwuma 2 dagen geleden
mah seaweddd
Huynh Ngoc Danh Lam
Huynh Ngoc Danh Lam 2 dagen geleden
marytza vasquez
marytza vasquez 2 dagen geleden
why does sanna and moody are the BEST i mean they have more robjx then us there rich in adopt me
Miracle Thompson
Miracle Thompson 2 dagen geleden
Is her voice okay..?
athena 2 dagen geleden
sana i am a big fan
Chuong Dang
Chuong Dang 2 dagen geleden
Can I play with u?
Dean 2 dagen geleden
Vibe is a super hero name
Daniela Ramirez
Daniela Ramirez 2 dagen geleden
I’m your biggest fan can you add me
Zeko 2 dagen geleden
i have 130 seawead
Ani Victim
Ani Victim 2 dagen geleden
And I think you should do a video when you open a hundred oceans
Rick Kimball
Rick Kimball 2 dagen geleden
Me: Sees Sanna’s money and is like wth! Sanna: Let’s see this beautiful random update!
Aesthetic Panda
Aesthetic Panda 2 dagen geleden
The necklace around the octopus’s neck looked like a flotie around the octopus or the octopus was on a flotie 😂
Bookz Em
Bookz Em 3 dagen geleden
I got a mini moody
bella afton and sunlight afton
Moody i have little you
Mai Elbeltagui
Mai Elbeltagui 3 dagen geleden
Me sees sanna's money: HOLY MOLY YOUR ALMOST AT 2 MILLION
Kami Hessinger
Kami Hessinger 3 dagen geleden
I love how sanna just can open like a million ocean eggs, while I get rlly exited when I can even AFFORD an egg
Lamia Ahmedelsayed
Lamia Ahmedelsayed 3 dagen geleden
Hey guys I am trading golden egg who have a good offer for this
roblox adoptme
roblox adoptme 3 dagen geleden
Why click bate SANNA dont lie about the orca its mean!
Suman Rani
Suman Rani 3 dagen geleden
Mushroom mushroom mushroom only the best mushroom mushroom mushroom mushroom mushroom mushroom
Suman Rani
Suman Rani 3 dagen geleden
I’m going to sing the song only for Sena
Suman Rani
Suman Rani 3 dagen geleden
Mushroom mushroom mushroom I know you like mushrooms Sana I love mushrooms too
Sara B
Sara B 3 dagen geleden
I love your vids
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