*NEW* ICE CREAM Shop Has A DARK SECRET In Adopt Me! (Roblox) 

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9 jun. 2021




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Little AJO
Little AJO 36 minuten geleden
Little AJO
Little AJO 46 minuten geleden
How do u make the employees only too. With the pet mixer cuz I wanna build it just for fun plz tell me how make it
Winter Artic
Winter Artic 10 uur geleden
But I always eat pets
princess unicorn
princess unicorn 11 uur geleden
I can believe it sanna and moody 6:18 ther so cool
Nailaa zhr
Nailaa zhr 11 uur geleden
sanna why do u love teletubies they are creepy when they are monsters
Patches L
Patches L 12 uur geleden
Lisa and Rosie møøñlight
One million bucks wow
Janette Cheney
Janette Cheney 15 uur geleden
I love your channel
Hana Popov
Hana Popov 17 uur geleden
I laugh ed when sanna said maam maam
Ricardo Faciol
Ricardo Faciol 18 uur geleden
Moody her voice is fake and she is silly im not lie
This is such a coincidence because a couple of days ago I had a dream that three of my pets, Blossom, Ptera, and my kitsune (which is hacked, gone forever) they were covered in blood. And.. The Pet Mixer had blood around it... WAIT? SINCE MY KITSUNE WAS HACKED AND THEY ALL WERE COVERED IN BLOOD, THEN WILL THEY ALL HAVE A WAY OF DISSAPEARING? probably not. Just a coincidence... I sure... I think..
Tara Cavallo
Tara Cavallo 22 uur geleden
Parry Dag geleden
Bibi gajnabi
Bibi gajnabi Dag geleden
Hi Sanna hi Moody
Your Boy
Your Boy Dag geleden
Sanna: I’m so Quick at running your not Moody:no that’s not fare Me:stop fitting your big
Nour Jaafar
Nour Jaafar Dag geleden
imagine calling sanna
Nihryo Dag geleden
gemma matthews
gemma matthews Dag geleden
Uhm That was creepy
Lindsey Upchurch
Lindsey Upchurch Dag geleden
😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷 stay safe in quarantine
Lindsey Upchurch
Lindsey Upchurch Dag geleden
STARLIGHT Dag geleden
Millie Plays
Millie Plays Dag geleden
Moody :this is goubg swimmingly well
Millie Plays
Millie Plays Dag geleden
Sanna : maaaaaaaaaam mammmm mam sir sir
Montaha Dag geleden
Sanna and moody are the best youtubers everrr in my lifeee u guyss right
Jitendra kumar Tiwari
They first freeze the pets there and second they mix them
Kristians 44
Kristians 44 Dag geleden
No that's my ice cream stop
+Lulie+ Dag geleden
Me: *faints when sanna said "are pets post to be in this freezer?!"
Mimi Super
Mimi Super Dag geleden
Sanna lets go to the real ice cream shop me looking ice is water moody dont realize it like if true or reply
Vegan !! 🌱 shoutout to all the vegans 💕☺️🤞🏽
Nichakan Namwong
Nichakan Namwong Dag geleden
i love you moody and sanna
Bno Saud
Bno Saud Dag geleden
Oh no I’m late for like 18 hours
Arlene Aquino
Arlene Aquino Dag geleden
can you check my build? my user is EzeKiel_mille
Arlene Aquino
Arlene Aquino Dag geleden
I've been a fan since 1 mil
GamerBFFS Dag geleden
This song is for Sanna and moody Oh well they were at the ice cream shop in hungry and then I saw this new place And thenMoody was like let’s let’s go win and we saw no employees and that was confusing but then they saw this upstairs place And they were scared they saw this thing called the pet mixer And then they saw this called the pet freezer all these creepy things can happen Well they did say everything was vegan oh well bye-bye I hope you liked it Sanna and moody!
Princess Isabella Singh
Princess Isabella Singh 2 dagen geleden
When they said pooping I was eating my fav food 😭✋
Barbie-Harley CookieFan
Barbie-Harley CookieFan 2 dagen geleden
That's what I want
Barbie-Harley CookieFan
Barbie-Harley CookieFan 2 dagen geleden
She has 138 haters:( she needs 0 haters
family✌ 2 dagen geleden
Sanna and moody I made glitch out build for you and made a private server on adopt me it's called build for Sanna and Moody hope you can join and see what I did sorry if it's not much I did as best as I can
Justine Marie Del Castillo
your the best
TheKashifsaeed999 2 dagen geleden
User name Lilydarkhearted1234
latifa El Haoudar
latifa El Haoudar 2 dagen geleden
qxmmaa 2 dagen geleden
hey sanna! your an amazing yter i liked and subbed! My user is leighxx if you can friend me :)
Corgi Twins
Corgi Twins 2 dagen geleden
Adopt me is not vegan…. Remember the HAM in the ladybug place 🤡🤡
Corgi Twins
Corgi Twins 2 dagen geleden
I wonder if you eat pets as ice cream why don’t we notice the taste
waterdragon ivie
waterdragon ivie 2 dagen geleden
Oh I have a legendary squirrel cart already
Jorja's Toy World
Jorja's Toy World 2 dagen geleden
*Sanna and Moody get squirrel car* Me:*Claps*
Dragon fire Bosompem
Dragon fire Bosompem 2 dagen geleden
I have a question so can I join your and have a build off which your fans love you
Marie Madigan
Marie Madigan 2 dagen geleden
Sanna your so pretend its not real From Lilly
Andrea Anthony
Andrea Anthony 2 dagen geleden
Love your. Vids such a big fan❤️❤️❤️
Catrina Chavez
Catrina Chavez 2 dagen geleden
Sanna look up on robot look up butterfly251253 on robot and friens her ok
Catrina Chavez
Catrina Chavez 2 dagen geleden
I mean R O B L X
Emily Boyd
Emily Boyd 2 dagen geleden
I love this video, ( but I wish they wouldn’t keep doing fake videos tho)
Affaan Ahmad
Affaan Ahmad 2 dagen geleden
Why do you not do giveaways
Its Glitched gaming
Its Glitched gaming 2 dagen geleden
I'm late :(
Ollie Bearman
Ollie Bearman 2 dagen geleden
cute outfit sanna!
Mollie Bell
Mollie Bell 2 dagen geleden
Bruh when sanna said everything was vegan I was like Me:well if everything is vegan then if you look in the ice cream shop behind the ice cream lady you see fish and fish is not vegan
Alice Mekie
Alice Mekie 2 dagen geleden
When they come in the “new adopt me shop” I keep looking at the exit home sighn lll
Frank Reid
Frank Reid 2 dagen geleden
OMG I love your videos
josh lentell
josh lentell 2 dagen geleden
lovvvvvvvvvvvvvv youuuuuuuuuuu
SophieMae 2 dagen geleden
Can we just appreciate Sanna's money!!
Jack Furbisher
Jack Furbisher 2 dagen geleden
Hi I'm Eva your biggest Fan I'm off my dads phone tho.sorry I've never commented i just can't off my tv
Daisy Oceana
Daisy Oceana 2 dagen geleden
Sanna:we gotta expose adopt me! Adopt:UH UH UH OK FINE HAVE THE LEGENDERY CAR Me:lucky bucky
Mai Elbadry
Mai Elbadry 2 dagen geleden
Hi sanna, how are you,can we be friends please,if we can can you add me on roblox, my username is Xxhoney_AvocadoxX,btw love your and moodys vids so much,and can you do more giveaways please?love you and moody i have been watching you since 2019,so yea bye
Can we all just appreciate that Sanna took the time to film amazing videos for us
Brian Jonatas
Brian Jonatas 2 dagen geleden
And I hate if Sanna she get mad at moody
Brian Jonatas
Brian Jonatas 2 dagen geleden
I hate moody get mad at sanna
Jeff Deck
Jeff Deck 2 dagen geleden
Aifa Balmores
Aifa Balmores 2 dagen geleden
Oh sanna your so beautiful!!
Ashely_Plays Roblox
Ashely_Plays Roblox 2 dagen geleden
You are amazing sanna
Kanita 2 dagen geleden
I love when Sanna said MA'AM MA'AM MA'AM 💖💖💖💖💖💖
Rita-Ann Wilson
Rita-Ann Wilson 2 dagen geleden
Silly and dino love each other like not as a friend as a girlfriend and boyfriend
Sweetster Gaming and Fun
Sweetster Gaming and Fun 2 dagen geleden
So we can just say that....... "Their cool" Btw I think that Sanna and Moody are cool even if they didn't get the legendary car
Raf Van Den Heuvel
Raf Van Den Heuvel 2 dagen geleden
sanna my dp is e noen kangero ride fly :( but i am never gone get it can u gife it to my my name is lindseydhossche
Hazzim Hairuddin
Hazzim Hairuddin 2 dagen geleden
I ad your starcord 100000000 robux
Hazzim Hairuddin
Hazzim Hairuddin 2 dagen geleden
Sanna can i make you with your youtube pls
Angie Maynes
Angie Maynes 2 dagen geleden
Hi Sanna I just started following u on Roblox. Pls come into my sever in adopt me I really want you and Moody to see my house. -piggyCake3
mohd saifuddin
mohd saifuddin 2 dagen geleden
This is lucky life i got golden uni for normal uni and in tower block i got 6 time wib in first server!😆
xcookiessquad 2 dagen geleden
Am I the only one who wake up or when he or she return to school watch immediately Sanna what posted all her new vids and make you laugh!! I do!
Joyce Rugutt
Joyce Rugutt 2 dagen geleden
Sannna can you do a give away
What if
What if 2 dagen geleden
Can you try ignoring moody please
r zlitnivlogs
r zlitnivlogs 2 dagen geleden
Papa hola
r zlitnivlogs
r zlitnivlogs 2 dagen geleden
There's sctet
Royal Wency
Royal Wency 2 dagen geleden
I like your shirt sanna is so cute!!
Lilian Oleksjuk
Lilian Oleksjuk 2 dagen geleden
How can sanna save so much money I can’t safe 800 and I will spend everything 🥲👋
Balong Basuan
Balong Basuan 2 dagen geleden
Rexyl0PLays 2 dagen geleden
I got a squirrel car 1st try
Lita 2 dagen geleden
LOL funny Sanna FLOWER UNICORN QUEEN & Moody UNICORNTWIN I liked this video yes!!!!👍😅+🦄👑
ashwini rajneesh
ashwini rajneesh 2 dagen geleden
Pls accept my friend request mablecrin pls
Xhevahire Maliqi
Xhevahire Maliqi 2 dagen geleden
siena cassandra azrcon
siena cassandra azrcon 2 dagen geleden
sanna plsss do this tower with silly. plsss do tower of queens plsssss sanna 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Hazel Layag - Manabat
Hazel Layag - Manabat 2 dagen geleden
Uh hi sanna I'm a fan I'm also a fan of ur bf
Riley Briges
Riley Briges 2 dagen geleden
Omg sanna I am going to friend you ok and moddy I log out of my account soooo I have no robux and accept my friend request please
Gee Tah
Gee Tah 2 dagen geleden
Gee Tah
Gee Tah 2 dagen geleden
I got the driving
Gee Tah
Gee Tah 2 dagen geleden
Floofy_SerinaPlayz 2 dagen geleden
Sanna’s comments decreased a lot didn’t anyone notice?
Marco Antonio Quito
Marco Antonio Quito 2 dagen geleden
I want pet please pet please
Kimmi Honey!
Kimmi Honey! 2 dagen geleden
am a huge fan
Kimmi Honey!
Kimmi Honey! 2 dagen geleden
i love your vids
clarissa victoria
clarissa victoria 2 dagen geleden
When sanna and moddy goylt the squriel car thogether i was like wahat how w
*Crafting with Jonah Elise*
Uuuuuuuuh___________ 6:33 was the funniest part
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