My MOM Plays ADOPT ME For The FIRST TIME EVER! (Roblox) 

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2 jun. 2021




Bezig met laden.....

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Ccrazy kid Crazy
Ccrazy kid Crazy 7 uur geleden
I'm not saying she mean tho
Ccrazy kid Crazy
Ccrazy kid Crazy 7 uur geleden
Her mom hated on everything
unicorn 🦄 gamer
unicorn 🦄 gamer 13 uur geleden
Your mom is very strict
Jordan Tauro
Jordan Tauro 18 uur geleden
How come you never accept my friend request on Roblox
Jordan Tauro
Jordan Tauro 18 uur geleden
Your so mean I am your biggest fan so you should add me please I beg you🙏🙏🙏😭😭😭😘😘😘
Your mom is like a Karen XD
Toystoryforcky47 Star
Toystoryforcky47 Star 22 uur geleden
Mom is a brat
Klara Vujević
Klara Vujević Dag geleden
Umm ur mum dl i say it?she is nice and...kinda spoiled no offense but like yea...srry but i rlly like how u r so happy even if someone is ride to you!good job and juat keep going
Janina Seppälä
Janina Seppälä Dag geleden
Why does ur mom don’t like adopt me
Nova Verla
Nova Verla Dag geleden
Lol San na's mom is soooo funny! The voice-
leighla zchantal ilar
Its sound like moody
ParinoorKaur Sabharwal
Sanna I’m 8 in India I really really hope sometime I have I can meet and get ur giveaway I will be my BIG BIG BIG DREAM LV U
Jaycin Yee
Jaycin Yee Dag geleden
She’s spoiled
Fikreta Lukovic
Fikreta Lukovic 2 dagen geleden
I LOVE your house it is beautiful and pretty!!!!!!!!!!
beeaycon con
beeaycon con 2 dagen geleden
soooooooo fake
Malini and life
Malini and life 2 dagen geleden
I don't like your mum
dorita montero
dorita montero 2 dagen geleden
look in the thumbnail the blurred image cause karen hair XD
Cookie kitty gacha life
Cookie kitty gacha life 2 dagen geleden
She mean
Antonio Camarillo
Antonio Camarillo 2 dagen geleden
I think your mom is very greedy
theonly_123go 2 dagen geleden
Sounds like moody
maya purcell
maya purcell 2 dagen geleden
sanna i think your mom is way nicer
Happy Blueee
Happy Blueee 2 dagen geleden
Happy Blueee
Happy Blueee 2 dagen geleden
i miss you sanna my tablet was broke
Leona Opačak
Leona Opačak 2 dagen geleden
Pa okej ali je bila je
8MR !
8MR ! 2 dagen geleden
Try Chanraksa
Try Chanraksa 2 dagen geleden
oh your mom play to!? oh that great bruh
YVE_NINA Faith 2 dagen geleden
Nothing makes her happy?
Jennie Foss Andersson
Jennie Foss Andersson 3 dagen geleden
Sanna your mom is classy
Im getting karen vibes...
heriberto sangalang
heriberto sangalang 3 dagen geleden
Wht about fashion famouse
Daniel Oliver
Daniel Oliver 3 dagen geleden
Marnia Ahmed
Marnia Ahmed 3 dagen geleden
Sanna I love fennec foxes can you trade one to me my user is LilyPlayz_Flowers and I sent you a friend request can you asleep it pls I’m one of your biggest fans
Happy Kids
Happy Kids 3 dagen geleden
Her mom is so judgy but I think she is still an honest and kind person in personal
Hopeharper_roblox 3 dagen geleden
Sanna: "I'm gonna get you an any egg'' I though sanna said '' I'm gonna get you any Aussie egg" xD
Bebe Ako
Bebe Ako 3 dagen geleden
Hey sanna ur mom si moody call hem mom
Bebe Ako
Bebe Ako 3 dagen geleden
Your mom is moody!
Fadly Zambin
Fadly Zambin 3 dagen geleden
Is your mom evil or something if she don,t like any pet that mean she evil?
Alaia Rae
Alaia Rae 3 dagen geleden
I love her but she say spoiled mom😂😂 (: love you sanna and tell you’re mom that I love her acting(:
Krystina Walenczak
Krystina Walenczak 3 dagen geleden
Snna's mom is like ew what is that smell when before sanna was a kid she was fine with her
Lauren Batchelder
Lauren Batchelder 4 dagen geleden
Sannas mom reminds me of Beverly Goldberg form the Goldberg’s
Lily _Gamer
Lily _Gamer 4 dagen geleden
Is your mom a Karen?
Ethan Adams
Ethan Adams 4 dagen geleden
Trina Pettus
Trina Pettus 4 dagen geleden
wesam alkasasbeh
wesam alkasasbeh 4 dagen geleden
Maria Ramos
Maria Ramos 4 dagen geleden
Can your mom do a voices reavel and a face reavel
train yang
train yang 4 dagen geleden
Naria Unicorn
Naria Unicorn 4 dagen geleden
Not to be mean but she’s kind a rude
star light
star light 4 dagen geleden
I didn't want to be mean
star light
star light 4 dagen geleden
I don't believe u sanna
Vritti thakur
Vritti thakur 4 dagen geleden
Hi miss Sana’s mom ma’am
Wynona Gabrielle
Wynona Gabrielle 4 dagen geleden
"Nothing can happend its fine🙂👌"
Carsyn Homer
Carsyn Homer 4 dagen geleden
Omg sannas mom in the first part the mom is so piking
Anna Lapier
Anna Lapier 5 dagen geleden
Hey where is moddy
Aisha alMuzaini
Aisha alMuzaini 5 dagen geleden
She’s great 😊 but she’s kinda Judging soo much
Monica Lua
Monica Lua 5 dagen geleden
Like she acts like shes the Fuckin queen
Sofia Fiman
Sofia Fiman 5 dagen geleden
Is your mom like that in real life
Marion Welton
Marion Welton 5 dagen geleden
se va tan bien
Lorela Xhebexhiu
Lorela Xhebexhiu 5 dagen geleden
Ur mom is a karen🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
•xx_margritgacha• 5 dagen geleden
Sanna: grandkids me: grandkids?! Is sanna and moody dating?!!
Ma.ysabelle Guyud
Ma.ysabelle Guyud 5 dagen geleden
I just love the shirt tie dye Sanna I got them it's so cute
Serly's World
Serly's World 5 dagen geleden
Please do a pet giveaway i want a unicorn 😭
Celine's Gaming
Celine's Gaming 5 dagen geleden
Celine_PlayerRoblox for giveaways Sanna pls imm verry porr plsss😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
𝙵𝚎̇𝚒 5 dagen geleden
U are my fav youtuber!
Motordive / Heuvel
Motordive / Heuvel 5 dagen geleden
she seem's okay but she'll really does something
TurtleThePinkQueen :D
TurtleThePinkQueen :D 5 dagen geleden
When the mom was tiny I was laughing so hardddbahahhahahaha
Fin Wind
Fin Wind 6 dagen geleden
Hey Santa I love you cards if you give me a evil unicorn I’ll be really happy
Jennifer Mcfadzean
Jennifer Mcfadzean 6 dagen geleden
Um dose your mom have mushroom tose
Ladyblog 6 dagen geleden
I’m Remember when you were a child in adopt me and you hid your lunar rat and she kicked you out the house
tawfiqul islam
tawfiqul islam 6 dagen geleden
I like moody so much
tawfiqul islam
tawfiqul islam 6 dagen geleden
I like your mom Sanna.
kittypinkie 6 dagen geleden
wow sanna your mom is pretty and beautiful
Sweetster Gaming and Fun
Sweetster Gaming and Fun 6 dagen geleden
I just realized..... Where is Sanna's pinned comment that she has in every video???
Marwa 6 dagen geleden
I dont like youre mom
Jennifer Frith
Jennifer Frith 6 dagen geleden
Is sanna mom a Karen?
Batman Lelyn
Batman Lelyn 6 dagen geleden
I got an octopus from the ocean egg my sis is jealous and she wants to offer XD
Scarlett Fatima Ambalneg
Scarlett Fatima Ambalneg 6 dagen geleden
your mom looks like your teacher ik she change her acc name but ingnore it
Sashko Trajkov
Sashko Trajkov 6 dagen geleden
Defently Your mom is so Spoiled SHE Probably Wants a Unicorn AND shadow dragon XD
Fatima Cicek
Fatima Cicek 6 dagen geleden
Secretly its not her mom 😂😂 but just someone else acting like they are sanna’s mother
Susanita Pesasico
Susanita Pesasico 6 dagen geleden
ITS that a KAREN
J Sonji
J Sonji 6 dagen geleden
I can’t believe she said “hi ma name is Sanna
siling kouch
siling kouch 6 dagen geleden
Sanna your mother is kinda boring
Sara is the best
Sara is the best 6 dagen geleden
I don’t like her
xXGreen TeediesXx
xXGreen TeediesXx 6 dagen geleden
Your mum do the adopt me like real life I love it😂
Christina Baker
Christina Baker 6 dagen geleden
Wow let’s see ur dad play now!
starbery Wolfie
starbery Wolfie 6 dagen geleden
Your mom like kare
موج السعيدي
موج السعيدي 6 dagen geleden
She is spoiled
Neil Sullivan
Neil Sullivan 6 dagen geleden
Abraham Ortega
Abraham Ortega 6 dagen geleden
Please I'm going to play now
Abraham Ortega
Abraham Ortega 6 dagen geleden
On adopt me
Abraham Ortega
Abraham Ortega 6 dagen geleden
Can you please give everyone an egg
Lucy Liu
Lucy Liu 7 dagen geleden
She really is spoiled and ungrateful that’s not good and you can’t swear even in a game so it’s super important to watch your word
Kitty 7 dagen geleden
Your mom is like moody,s mom
Joy Knueven
Joy Knueven 7 dagen geleden
She is so mean!
Veronica Trinidad Penny’s channel
I like the fact that sanna mom doesn’t even like anything she said btw sanna you are very nice to your mom
NVaeh Eaves
NVaeh Eaves 7 dagen geleden
She's kind of rude but okay
Rylie Dunn-Lemuel
Rylie Dunn-Lemuel 7 dagen geleden
With Moody plays I love the hey Moody hey Sanna'
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Tina Ignacio7
Tina Ignacio7 7 dagen geleden
I think sanna's mom is kinda nice but when she's smell her clownfish😂😂🤣🤣
Cassandra Jones
Cassandra Jones 7 dagen geleden
Your mom is so mean
Abby Wong
Abby Wong 7 dagen geleden
Oh your mom is not nice
Abby Wong
Abby Wong 7 dagen geleden
Is your mom nice
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