BIRTH To DEATH Build Challenge In Adopt Me! (Roblox) 

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10 jun. 2021




Bezig met laden.....

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Heather Waymire
Heather Waymire 39 minuten geleden
Nova Verla
Nova Verla 3 uur geleden
Liz Is Roblox Channel
Liz Is Roblox Channel 4 uur geleden
Can we be friends Pls
Aouatef Jarboui
Aouatef Jarboui 4 uur geleden
iamsanna your My idol and your so pretty
Cloud Squad
Cloud Squad 5 uur geleden
Sanna: Most beautiful child ever actually my parents said i was the ugliest child ever Me: Poor Sanna😭
Elena Guerra
Elena Guerra 6 uur geleden
Alicia G
Alicia G 6 uur geleden
You guys should do a video of maybe like you or moody can do death and they other birth
Katie Perry
Katie Perry 7 uur geleden
Check this out urname on yt paisley breuer pick any challenged
Amanda Trump
Amanda Trump 7 uur geleden
When did you meet moody
Bella Han
Bella Han 9 uur geleden
You were like your dad and mom you have brown hair because I see your eyebrows and you eyes are blue with a tint of brown like my friend
Famela Mae Bea
Famela Mae Bea 9 uur geleden
Famela Mae Bea
Famela Mae Bea 9 uur geleden
Hi Sanna🥰🥰🥰🥳❤️
Lily_The Gamer Girl
Lily_The Gamer Girl 10 uur geleden
Evoli Alkinani
Evoli Alkinani 10 uur geleden
Sanna iam your bigest fan I swear I wanna call you bc I wanna talk to u and your my favorite NLblockr please
•Artic_Akira•シ 10 uur geleden
Picture Perfect
Lena Marmarinou
Lena Marmarinou 10 uur geleden
This build challenge is SOOO cute!!!
Sidrah Syed
Sidrah Syed 11 uur geleden
Yay More Build Challenges!! ✨ Ily Sanna And Moodyy
Estefa Daria
Estefa Daria 11 uur geleden
i like her eyes it makes me randomize my mind
Hanta Sero
Hanta Sero 11 uur geleden
Can I be in an video with you?! Username: Pink_Pie4Iife The L is an capital letter i!
SETHLUIS Gaming 11 uur geleden
3:01 Looks like she revealed her date that she is born and her age
SETHLUIS Gaming 11 uur geleden
Birth: May 16 1998 Sanna's age: 22
Kawaii Gamer
Kawaii Gamer 11 uur geleden
Is there anything you and Moody can't build?💀 Cause you have done so many kind of different builds
loraineela 11 uur geleden
Sanna im your big fan can you give me ridedable unicorn pet plzz i love unicorns like you : )
Cassandra Reinders
Cassandra Reinders 11 uur geleden
I love you sanna you best
Lita 11 uur geleden
LOL funny Sanna FLOWER UNICORN QUEEN & Moody UNICORNTWIN I liked this video yes!!!!👍😅+🦄👑
~Bøba milk~
~Bøba milk~ 12 uur geleden
Thank you so much iamsanna for making me inspired again ❤️
Nancy Moughon
Nancy Moughon 12 uur geleden
Can you contact me and see my house my name stinkydinoboy that’s why I really like your videos and please friend me
Chris Joy Naing
Chris Joy Naing 12 uur geleden
Hi sana i love yu and moody and silliy ilove yu all
iam tanzila
iam tanzila 13 uur geleden
Hey sanna can you make a video on draw my life challenge? Like if you want her to do a draw my life video!
Kenzy The Unicorn
Kenzy The Unicorn 13 uur geleden
Anna 14 uur geleden
Can you speak Norwegian in a hole video
Jakab Maria
Jakab Maria 14 uur geleden
Heyyy sanna my dream pet is a ride unicorn but not vegtable ill keep vegtable to you only a ride unicorn but my user is briannaopris and im your biggest fan and can i be shout out in the 45th one? Byeeee
•artsy adopt me•
•artsy adopt me• 14 uur geleden
Is moody alive?
Pratima Shrestha
Pratima Shrestha 14 uur geleden
Can you send me a reply
Pratima Shrestha
Pratima Shrestha 14 uur geleden
Sanna can you please send me a message
Pratima Shrestha
Pratima Shrestha 14 uur geleden
My name is mahima
Pratima Shrestha
Pratima Shrestha 14 uur geleden
I love you very very much
Nigel Jackson
Nigel Jackson 14 uur geleden
🦄👌🏼🦄👌🏼🦄👌🏼🦄 love you!! 🦄❤️🦄❤️🦄❤️🦄❤️🦄
Toto’s candys
Toto’s candys 14 uur geleden
If ur alive sub to me so I know that how many ppl are alive
Royale_Bunny playz roblox
ℍ𝕚 𝕊𝕒𝕟𝕟𝕒!
Rehana Malik
Rehana Malik 15 uur geleden
I made a picture for you sa nna and moody
Lucy O'Mahony
Lucy O'Mahony 15 uur geleden
In the adult room you should of put you getting married
anxmo43- 15 uur geleden
I love how at the beginning sanna said: I know how I’m going to die, but at the end she didn’t know how to die xd
ushna syeda
ushna syeda 15 uur geleden
You re 23 years old im smart i did it in 3 seconds
yousif khan afridi
yousif khan afridi 16 uur geleden
piz appect my friend request piz piz you are my favirout
Pacdal Circle
Pacdal Circle 16 uur geleden
Hi sanna im a big fan i used ur starcde
Theresa DSouza
Theresa DSouza 16 uur geleden
Hi sanna moody I'm ur biggest fan I like ur videos so much s challenges 🤗🤗
tejada albert
tejada albert 16 uur geleden
I’m your big fan🥺💕
Kholoud Almarri
Kholoud Almarri 16 uur geleden
Andrew Woodside
Andrew Woodside 17 uur geleden
My briday is on 15 of may
163uni 18 uur geleden
Me looking at her money: 👁👄👁
Gemma Myler
Gemma Myler 18 uur geleden
I will sing I love this chanelllllll
Sunny Gaming channel
Sunny Gaming channel 18 uur geleden
Hi sanna can you make more videos like rating fans house I love that
Ervina Halidović
Ervina Halidović 18 uur geleden
Pet in roblox Adopt me
kim michiko
kim michiko 19 uur geleden
Een random roblox verslavend Nederlands
Both are good
Joanne Camilleri
Joanne Camilleri 19 uur geleden
SANNA i love u and i want to say god bless u
Ava Martha Palad
Ava Martha Palad 19 uur geleden
I love mushrooms!!!
Ayumi Chan
Ayumi Chan 20 uur geleden
I like Moody more
yuan Playz Roblox
yuan Playz Roblox 21 uur geleden
Ashley Naranjo
Ashley Naranjo 22 uur geleden
Sanna can u let ur dad play robots?
ian gc
ian gc 22 uur geleden
The intro tho
Sani Tariq
Sani Tariq 23 uur geleden
Can you at least tell how old sunny and moody are because sunny sound 9 love you guys and I watched all your videos and I subscribed and can you do more tik tok with moody
Gloria Barrera
Gloria Barrera 23 uur geleden
Is it just me that thinks that sanna might be copying mackenzie turner On this video i mean Mackenzie did it first no offense
Mona pineda
Mona pineda 23 uur geleden
Sanna I love your leqph
Toriawna 23 uur geleden
When will your son in adopt me see Moody’s daughter coffee for the first time
The humming bird
The humming bird Dag geleden
How old is vegetable
Leila Jufril
Leila Jufril Dag geleden
her money tho..............
Jomar Rivera
Jomar Rivera Dag geleden
My username is nanagby
Chloe LEE
Chloe LEE Dag geleden
Love you sanna snd moody 👇
Caliyah Cedeno
Caliyah Cedeno Dag geleden
Love you Sanna
KissDaKiss Dag geleden
Love you Sena
I miss The hiiiiiii moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooodyyyyyyyyyyyy Who Does to?
Mizan Md
Mizan Md Dag geleden
I'm doing parents looks like a clown very
SurpriseT Dag geleden
Love you sanna and moody
Roudha Saood
Roudha Saood Dag geleden
Deborah Brengel
Deborah Brengel Dag geleden
Reply when ready
Deborah Brengel
Deborah Brengel Dag geleden
Come quick with moody
Raegan Plays
Raegan Plays Dag geleden
Pls notice me sanna
Deborah Brengel
Deborah Brengel Dag geleden
Hi I am Isabella me and my cousin are trapped in a secret area in adopt me we thought it was a good idea to fly to the moon so this is how we got trapped we got our fly pets out and we saw a cool world and we decided to go it took a lot of work when we got there all we saw were pets that had owners and we didn't see the people and were big fans so please help us and record a video while doing it and that is how we got trapped !
Abigail Andrade
Abigail Andrade Dag geleden
Your boy friend brok up with you
Firemantis Dag geleden
I like sanna i think moody won we need a moody face revel
Ali Abdulrub
Ali Abdulrub Dag geleden
Ewww when moody farted in your face I was like ewww disgusting
Nazra Hafeez
Nazra Hafeez Dag geleden
my user is lelly521 or judounicorn11 is what i changed the thing you see it as
igor chominski
igor chominski Dag geleden
And sanna has 2 million bucks!!
igor chominski
igor chominski Dag geleden
Sanna was born on 1998 and now its 2021 so shes 23 yeard old
denisse Castillo
denisse Castillo Dag geleden
Am I a adult uhh I am Am i
lilyplayz N
lilyplayz N Dag geleden
Do you guys think Sanna will still do yt when she's an Adult?? I think so but she may quit at like something in 20's if she does
khorshid aziz
khorshid aziz Dag geleden
Sanna me and my sister and my brother have soon birtday and can you make that birtday with moody
Mosun Daboiku
Mosun Daboiku Dag geleden
Phillip Dashesvky
Phillip Dashesvky Dag geleden
Sanna work so hard on her videos!! Leave a like if you like her ⬇️
shere fortune
shere fortune Dag geleden
Moody probably Freakout
unicorn magic magic
Lol how it gose over and over and over
Alexandra-Liu Turcotte
She was born in 1998 omg
Shakira Sofian
Shakira Sofian Dag geleden
Sanna adopt me is not respecting other religions like Muslim I am Muslim so pls help
anthony pascua
anthony pascua Dag geleden
years old
anthony pascua
anthony pascua Dag geleden
im a 9
Umang Thakkar
Umang Thakkar Dag geleden
??? I don’t understand if there opposite MOODY should be evil not being rude just there oppiste
Graceegeer Dag geleden
Can you accept my friend request my name is graceeethe shorty
Alaaillusionist Alaa
I'm a boy and I love you
Tuan Thawn
Tuan Thawn Dag geleden
Who love sanna?? Bc I do
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