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Sanna x
Carmen Smith
Carmen Smith 2 uur geleden
Can you send my castle that is pink you loved it so much thank you
Radka Romaniv
Radka Romaniv 2 uur geleden
My house in adopt me it’s just plain and boring I wish I could have a lot of money to get all of the stuff which I want😢
Jiada Ahmad
Jiada Ahmad 2 uur geleden
How can I share my builds with you guys ???? I wanted to show you my castle!!!
Dean 2 uur geleden
Marvin Estrada
Marvin Estrada 2 uur geleden
I want your invitory sana and moody !!! It's so cool
ESLJ PE 2 uur geleden
Mohamed Fadhil
Mohamed Fadhil 2 uur geleden
Ilov ior vidio omG😁😁😁😁🥰🥰🥰🥰
Mohamed Fadhil
Mohamed Fadhil 2 uur geleden
Yor fani al thi taim 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
KITSUNEgaming 2 uur geleden
can u add me iamsanna so I can show you my glith house
Maria Hamilton
Maria Hamilton 2 uur geleden
My user is Chloeandmia232
Jessica Ibarra
Jessica Ibarra 2 uur geleden
Rebekah Hurst
Rebekah Hurst 2 uur geleden
how r yall callin her a noob when she LITTERALLY FOUND THAT MUCH????
God Teddy
God Teddy 2 uur geleden
Jiada Ahmad
Jiada Ahmad 2 uur geleden
I have a build I wanted to share it with , But how can I ??? I really wanted to show you my castle I have a room for every legendary pet by his name
God Teddy
God Teddy 2 uur geleden
Mona pineda
Mona pineda 2 uur geleden
Sanna I got robux
Blanca Calderon
Blanca Calderon 2 uur geleden
When she say A-C mean heart she had a big head XD
Malikah Pierce
Malikah Pierce 2 uur geleden
Valentina 2 uur geleden
All my friends are huge fan! And love u!
Laughlily3 Gaming
Laughlily3 Gaming 2 uur geleden
I'm watching alone in my room
Roast god and rap god
Roast god and rap god 2 uur geleden
I. Like your. Video 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Toby Rolph
Toby Rolph 2 uur geleden
Done My user is PR1478 Good luck and stay safe
Roast god and rap god
Roast god and rap god 2 uur geleden
I. Love you 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭
Sarah Krikstone
Sarah Krikstone 2 uur geleden
That was so creepy
steven barker
steven barker 2 uur geleden
I love you sanna plz my username is Lydiaroseselars
Lara Plays
Lara Plays 2 uur geleden
Lol 5:00
Jessica Zhen
Jessica Zhen 2 uur geleden
And also the pink castle it was leahs old castle
Mindy Henschel
Mindy Henschel 2 uur geleden
How do you get a tombstone
Josh nation Esparza
Josh nation Esparza 2 uur geleden
Your video is a milk I don’t know
Kate 2 uur geleden
Why can’t we see Moody‘s face
Pretty Sisters
Pretty Sisters 2 uur geleden
It does not work
Melanie Redman
Melanie Redman 2 uur geleden
Nina been
Nina been 2 uur geleden
You said to comment mushroom on Moody’s videos but instead of moody said comment bananas are the best understand as videos so bananas are the best I don’t get how you don’t like them they’re so good
Nash Zeynalov
Nash Zeynalov 2 uur geleden
So rude to sanna why Is sunny camping
Pizzacorngamez 2 uur geleden
Get your tickets before this video is one day old
Rana Rawashdeh
Rana Rawashdeh 2 uur geleden
POV: Leah she 2018 not knowing where to put the cucumbers or the mask off lol Look at here 2020-2021
{Alexa} 2 uur geleden
31:45 when I saw that I just realize that that’s like Leah’s Castle and everyone is amazing builder
Sisters forever
Sisters forever 2 uur geleden
Unicorn mushrooms
Unicorn Fun life
Unicorn Fun life 2 uur geleden
I love all the house 💗
Yara Alfasatleh
Yara Alfasatleh 2 uur geleden
Why is your hater your Roblox friend???? Btw have a good day
Chris Bryant
Chris Bryant 2 uur geleden
She said pet not gift
Ryan McCann
Ryan McCann 2 uur geleden
James Ennis
James Ennis 2 uur geleden
Dexter White
Dexter White 2 uur geleden
Pink_diamond 2 uur geleden
Oof I miss 2016 :(
Evangeline Jenkins-knight
A flyable rideable back dragon please
khadija kassem
khadija kassem 2 uur geleden
How did you make the rainbow chair
Lilly Haegele
Lilly Haegele 2 uur geleden
styling swift
styling swift 2 uur geleden
2021 anybody
Sebastian Latanski
Sebastian Latanski 2 uur geleden
I lave Ur vid
Ainsley Pitter
Ainsley Pitter 2 uur geleden
This Genie bluest thing he gets famous people people who are not faced people who are not NLblockrs or can we or can he get people who are not famous or can the people only be famous and on NLblock what is the produce on the news can it be the president can't even get yourself even if you're not famous that's my question about this game and I thought you wasn't 18 but you're actually 23 years old
Toby Rolph
Toby Rolph 2 uur geleden
“Done” My user is PR1478 Good luck and well done!
Wajid Ullah
Wajid Ullah 2 uur geleden
Why you do like that
Gaming-With-Lovely 2 uur geleden
Pls pin! What vid editor do u use?
Wajid Ullah
Wajid Ullah 2 uur geleden
Maria Diaz
Maria Diaz 2 uur geleden
Can you PLEASE do another video where you rate houses, but with you, moody and Sunny!!!
Eleftheria Retzo
Eleftheria Retzo 2 uur geleden
I think you should build a castle to❤️
Anaiah Kemp-Coles
Anaiah Kemp-Coles 2 uur geleden
Congratulations who found this early early hope ur gonna have a nice day tommorow 💕💕
Jančica 2 uur geleden
This is so random but Sanna and Moody are becoming maze runners😂
Alaa Omar
Alaa Omar 2 uur geleden
Alaa Omar
Alaa Omar 2 uur geleden
Zoran Lanistanin
Zoran Lanistanin 2 uur geleden
Sanna can you pley Roblox todey
Doris Burt
Doris Burt 3 uur geleden
Love u all sanna and moody and sunny
Muna Elmi
Muna Elmi 3 uur geleden
Me:haves 0 bucks Other people:I have a lot of bucks Me:☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️🥺🥺🥺
A stiles
A stiles 3 uur geleden
Amanda Trump
Amanda Trump 3 uur geleden
I love scooby doo
Doris Burt
Doris Burt 3 uur geleden
I hope you get it
Barbara Scott
Barbara Scott 3 uur geleden
Morgan Ivy !
Morgan Ivy ! 3 uur geleden
The princess glitch build looks exactly like Leah's old sky castle hopefully they gave credits but if she did thats awesome that she was able to copy it
Aaliyah Roblox
Aaliyah Roblox 3 uur geleden
I love the house that you made ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️😊
Gracie Mcloughlin
Gracie Mcloughlin 3 uur geleden
Hi sanna can u and moody friend me and then u join me on adopted me and then can u see my glitch build please
Nicole Jones
Nicole Jones 3 uur geleden
Ymri Verban
Ymri Verban 3 uur geleden
suzy builds does have a chanel
Nicole Jones
Nicole Jones 3 uur geleden
I found scammers they look like wanna and moody
Lilly Haegele
Lilly Haegele 3 uur geleden
Renee H
Renee H 3 uur geleden
You are a good Yes you are right
Tronky0209 3 uur geleden
when san a said sunny is adopted :me: NUUUUUUU NOT AGIAN SUNNY!!!!!
Mario Quinonez Perez
Mario Quinonez Perez 3 uur geleden
Meghan Patterson
Meghan Patterson 3 uur geleden
Can you please friend request me I really want to be your friend in Roblox and my username is diesel dog 85💕